Building Momentum for Church Reopening

covid-19 May 13, 2020

Building Momentum for Church Reopening

Dr. Tom Cheyney

The race is about to begin! You are waiting at the starting line for the starter’s horn to sound and the sailing race to commence! The timer’s clock shows there is still twenty minutes to go before the race horn sounds. It’s going to be a while, that much you know as you look around, because most of the boats are still at a dead stop. But with less than ten minutes to go before the start there is a new wave of activity around you. The race boat's participants display well-rehearsed activity and the sails fill with air as they begin to move towards the starting line. Some start fast and others start out ever so slowly. It seems to take the larger boats so long to get going. 

When I was younger I raced sailboats of all sizes.  It was so easy to get a 14-foot Hobbie Cat moving as compared to the 69-foot Morgan Out-Islander deep hull.  But once that larger sailboat began to move the wind within its...

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