GOBA Resources for Our Churches

Providing All The Tools You Need To Grow Your Church & Build the Kingdom of God

Though GOBA offers you many resources designed to grow a church in Central Florida, We ave broken the bigger ones down into four primary criteria. They are:

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Church Conflict Mediation

Dr. Cheyney, our Executive Director of Missions, has conducted conflict mediations all over the country and the state of Florida. We provide guidance, leadership, sound counsel, and support to churches in times of difficulty and conflict. Using proven conflict mediation practices, we are equipped to assist churches through the process of identifying and addressing conflict issues and working towards a series of biblically-based, spiritual resolutions.


Church Leadership Development

GOBA  provides training opportunities and ministry-enhancing resources for both pastors and lay leaders within churches. Our GOAL (Greater Orlando Adventures in Leadership) Trainings provide new leaders, existing leaders, and emerging leaders the skills necessary to lead a local church ministry. Through Central Florida based conferences and individualized church events we work with church leaders to be better equipped to carry out the ministry God has called them.

Leadership Transition

GOBA is equipped to guide churches in pastoral transition and changeover by training pastor search committees and partnering churches with Transitional Interim Pastors (TIP) and Pastor Search Committee Training (PSCT).

TIPs are local leaders specifically trained to help lead churches through times of discovery, analysis of church health, and if necessary, healing. All these prepare a church for the future as they seek, find and welcome God’s new leader.


Professional Pastoral Support

GOBA provides counsel and opportunities for personal and professional growth and development. We provide, one-on-one confidential counseling, peer consulting, and pastoral prayer groups.There are other events that are specifically designed and focused towards supporting pastors in the work of ministry.

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