How to Donate to GOBA

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Greater Orlando Baptist Ass ociation! Your financial contributions provide an immediate answer to the most pressing needs for ministry, for outreach, and for evangelism. Supporting one of the following areas will make it possible for GOBA to fund projects that are above and beyond our ministries funded through the annual budget. These gifts help us overcome the everyday challenges that stand between our future vision and our present reality.

Thank you for your generosity,
Dr. Tom Cheyney, EDOM
Greater Orlando Baptist Association

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Online Giving

This service is provided to help you make financial contributions to special offerings sponsored by the Greater Orlando Baptist Association.

Your financial gifts to this global ministry is tax deductible because the Greater Orlando Baptist Association, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization as approved by the U. S. Internal Revenue Service.

After making a contribution, you will receive a follow-up Email receipt to confirm the full amount of your generous gift to our ministry. However, because the credit card processing company receives as much as three (3) percent of the gift designation as a service fee, the fee amount will be deducted from the total you give to the selected cause. If you want to ensure your designated cause receives the full amount, please consider adding three percent more to your planned gift.

The following are the designated causes you may contribute to online:

Annual Associational Missions Offering – These contributions are used to fund church planting, church revitalization and leadership development training all throughout the state of Florida. Your gifts allows us to develop church planting centers, work with struggling churches facing rapid decline, and develop new leaders which will take the cause of Christ Jesus into all the world.

Disaster Relief–These donations are used to underwrite GOBA’s response to natural disasters (hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc.) that occur in Florida, nearby states, or mission partnership countries. These response services include, but are not limited to, the preparation of hot meals to disaster victims who are without basic utility services, as well as cleanup of homes and recovery assistance to victims without insurance resources. Your contribution may be used for any current or future disaster response efforts.

Maguire State Mission Offering-This offering is designed to underwrite mission and ministry needs not generally funded through the Cooperative Program. Annual offering proceeds support: pastoral salary assistance in mission partnership states; missionary and evangelistic activities in Haiti, Cuba and Brazil; summer camps for children and youth; and Florida Baptist churches ministering to human needs. Portions of the funds, which are not used here for the planting, and relaunching of churches are forwarded to Florida Baptist Convention.

Cooperative Program-Southern Baptist Convention–These contributions which are received are forwarded to the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention to primarily underwrite global missionary efforts within the United States and around the world, as well provide theological education and training for men and women preparing for the Christian ministry. The full gift amount goes to the SBC.

Renovate National Church Conference
 - These contributions are utilized to help fund the global ministry of the Renovate National Church Revitalization conferences. Annually GOBA impacts churches all across North America with this national conference designed to assist those churches challenged with plateau and decline. Renovate is the leader in church revitalization and renewal in North America. - Your contributions to this ministry allow us to fund new church plants as well as support on going church plants until they grow to become self-sustaining, self-supporting, and self-propagating. The evidence of a healthy new testament church is seen not only in the daily, disciple-making activity of each Christ-follower, but also in the unified purpose of reproducing that effort in new ways and in new contexts. Local churches that unite in this purpose become so significant in shaping the culture of a region, a country, and the world. That’s why exists - to be a catalyst for collaboration among local churches that share a passion for togetherness and “sent-ness” for the sake of the gospel of Jesus and the reproduction of leaders who live sent daily in hopes that new expressions of the church will blossom.

Help Scholarship Young Leaders - GOAL Leadership Development provides leadership training for pastors and church leaders. Your contribution to GOAL will provide scholarships for those who cannot afford the cost of materials and leadership training. 

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