Leaders Growing Leaders

At Greater Orlando Baptist Association, we believe that multiplication should take place on every level. That translates into leaders developing leaders. We realize that growing the next generation of leaders is not something that easily fits into a busy leader's schedule. However leadership multiplication is an essential element of church health and growth. We need good leaders to plant new churches, revitalize existing churches, and to maintain healthy churches. 

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Purpose and Values

How Do I Find My Purpose in Life?

Author and speaker, Kevin W. McCarthy has developed an easy tool to help people to disciver their God-given purpose in life. For more information, visit onpurpose.me

If you need help discovering your core values, we recommend the Core Values Index tool available through Renovate at www.CVI.Report

Greater Orlando Adventures in Leadership

The purpose of Great Orlando Adventures in Leadership (G.O.A.L.) is to develop leaders who reproduce leaders by encouraging development in the following areas:

  • The leader's personal life
  • The leader’s relational style
  • The leader’s ability to build an effective team
  • The leader’s ability to lead organizationally

 Our vision is that every church will do such a good job of developing and multiplying leaders that each church will be able to start new churches and to revitalize struggling churches. 

This is done through Greater Orlando Adventures in Leadership (GOAL), and through other appropriate seminar and conference venues. Our participants are asked to invest a minimum of two years of personal ministry development and growth in leadership development through the Greater Orlando Baptist Association.

Have you ever witnessed a weak-declining work, which was teetering on the threshold of disbandment?  A new leader arrives and suddenly everything begins to change dramatically. Perhaps you have been part of such an experience.You may have had little hope for the survival of the organization. Then along came a leader who rallied God’s people into action. To many other's astonishment, a different church was being rebirthed. Results that previous leaders had failed to achieve in ten years were now being accomplished through the new leader in a matter of months.

What was the difference? Were not the same people involved? How did a work, which previously languished under one leader flourish under another? Quickly you realize that the difference had little to do with the problems, issues, or limitations of the work. It had everything to do with learning how to be a good leader and providing leadership for the church.

Participation in the Greater Orlando Adventures in Leadership will inspire you to give your best efforts to the people you lead and love. The simple and powerful learning will help you build even greater leadership in the many areas of your ministry. Learn how to build momentum for the cause of Christ, while becoming a more insightful and strategic leader. Stretch in order to become the real leader God has planned you to be.

If you are interested in learning how to become a better leader through the Greater Orlando Adventures in Leadership please give us a call at 407-293-0450, and we will be glad to work with you to help you register in the next round of leadership development through G.O.A.L. and the Greater Orlando Baptist Association. Please contact us at: [email protected].

Learn From the Most Effective Leadership Role Model of All Time

Jesus is the greatest leader of all time and the greatest leadership role model of all time. The Lead Like Jesus Encounter is a highly interactive, participant-driven two day leadership development workshop that exposes common leadership misconceptions and offers a practical model based on the greatest leader role model. 

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Where Churches Get Help

Churches that are active members of Greater Orlando Baptist Association can request leadership development training and consultation from the GOBA staff. To request help for your church, please complete this form and we will reply shortly. 

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