Online Coaching for Church Planters

Let's face it, starting a new church can be extremely difficult. Church planters need the support and encouragement of other church planters and especially those who are further down the path. At GOBA, we are committed to the ACTS of church planting: Assessing, Coaching, Training and Supporting those who are called to plant churches and the churches that send them.

Church planting in the midst of a pandemic has multiplied the challenges that these servants of God and their families face. In order to better serve our church planters and their sending churches, we are starting an online Coaching Community for Church Planters. While there is a cost for church planters outside of the association, church planters that are members of an active GOBA church can access the community free forever.  Email Mark Weible, [email protected], to request the coupon code for GOBA church planters.  Church planters not affiliated with GOBA can join the community at ...

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